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Gunsmithing Services and Prices

Services Offered

  • Malfunction troubleshooting and repair

  • Custom part installation

  • Gun Cleaning

  • Full Restoration

  • Cerakoting

  • Boresighting

  • Custom Holster Work

  • Stock Refinishing

  • And much more!

Gunsmithing rate starts at $59/hr. We do our best to give you a fair and accurate estimate of how many hours your project might take. In the event that circumstances change (i.e. additional issues discovered), we will be sure to contact you prior to moving forward as to avoid any unwanted charges. ​

Minimum Shop Fees:

One-hour minimum regardless of service and time of completion. 

Please read:

The above costs are only a baseline for total costs. If parts need to be ordered in, the prices will adjust accordingly. This list is not a list of all services nor is it a concrete representation of exactly what a bill will be. This is meant only as a guideline for what the cost MAY be.

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