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Gun Consignment

Having difficulties selling your firearm on your own? Allow us to sell your firearm for you! Simply contact us, schedule the drop off of your firearm, sign a form authorizing us to sell your gun, tell us your ideal price as well as lowest acceptable offer, and wait for the offers to pour in! Contact us and let us help you put some cash in your pocket! 

All firearms listed below are currently for sale with offers being accepted.

Please call 740-620-9003 to make an offer!

Click here to message us today!

Current Consignments


Ruger Mini 14 Ranch  .223 Model #5802

  • Like knew with only a few rounds fired through.

  • MSRP - $1319.99

  • Sale Price - $1200 OBO


Savage Arms - 110 BA Stealth

  • Single owner

  • Comes with one box of 300 Win Mag

  • Sale Price - $1800 OBO

6.5 Grendel Custom Build Rifle
6.5 Grendel Custom Build

6.5 Grendel Custom Build

  • Only stock parts are the stripped Anderson upper and lower receiver. Even the takedown pins are aftermarket!

  • See list to the left for the custom parts.

  • Confirmed repeatable rounds on target at 1300 yards

  • Sale Price - $3500 OBO

  • Customer-Provided "dope" chart for distance.

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