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Completed Cerakote Jobs

Disassembly / Reassembly is always on top of all other pricing. Ranges $25-$75 depending on the firearm. You may bring the firearm COMPLETELY disassembled to avoid this fee. Please provide a list of the parts you will be dropping off if you elect to disassemble the firearm yourself. Prices listed below EXCLUDE disassembly/reassembly fee.
At the present time we are running between 3-4 weeks out on single or multi color jobs that are already broken down. Jobs requiring break and reassembly are running about 4-5 weeks.


Cerakote Ordering- If a color that you’re requesting is not in stock, there will be an additional $20-$35 added to your order depending on the likelihood of the color being used for another job.

Handgun Cerakote Pricing

Slide Only (Stripped) $60

Frame Only (Stripped) $60

Complete Handgun One Color $150

Complete Handgun Two colors $175

Complete Handgun Three Colors $200

Three Color custom design (Includes Stenciling) $260

Distressed Design- Two Colors or more, add $30 to total

Hardware Only (Mag release, slide lock, takedown lever, etc.) $20

Pistol Magazine Base $10 to match color already used, $15 for separate color

Clear-Coat $35

Stenciling Fee for Custom Designs $15-$40 depending on detail and complexity

Barrel Only $50

AR Style Rifle

Complete Gun-Includes Upper receiver, lower receiver, barrel, handguard, pistol grip, pins, and controls, buffer tube, and three magazines.

  • One Color $200

  • Two Colors $235

Upper Receiver $55

Lower Receiver $55

AR Upper AND Lower Receiver up to four color camouflage $250 + stenciling fee

Upper, Lower, and Handrail One Color $165

To send an inquiry reference gun painting, please shoot Jay a message on our Facebook Page or through email at

The above list is constantly being updated as our customers get more creative. Our services are NOT limited to the above list. Please shoot us a message to get your quote started today!

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