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Miranda Hanna started her career in the firearms world by gaining her NRA CCW instructor certification. Shortly after joining Xiphos Armory in 2021, Miranda dove headfirst into gunsmithing and hasn't looked back. Miranda serves as the manager for the shop. You'll likely see her not only helping with the sales floor, but also likely covered in carbon and debris as she'll be working on firearms. Her drive and dedication to the world of firearms makes her a great addition to the team. To contact her for inquires regarding gunsmithing, sales, or CCW classes, shoot her an email at


Jay Southworth is a jack of all trades that was previously in the career of automotives, specifically in repainting vehicles and body work. Jay enjoyed the true sense of art with customizing things for his customers that had high value to them. This same passion drew him toward the world of firearms. Although always a gun lover, he had never really dove into gun customization. Jay joined Xiphos Armory as are Cerakote applicator. Since then, Jay has become obsessed with creating truly unique firearms to exceed customer expectations. Jay is expanding his skillset to using Guncandy as well as Hydro-dipping for complex, photo quality designs. To get a quote for gun color customization, please contact him at


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Meet the Crew

          Xiphos Armory LLC was founded by Alex Rosado in 2020. He had a dream to provide the area of Washington Court House, Ohio with a proper gunsmith/gun shop that has been long missing from the area. Alex served four years in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman. Alex achieved the rank of Specialist and was a fire team leader prior to his Honorable Discharge for completion of his contract. After leaving the military, he pursued a career in law enforcement, where he still serves his community as a police officer. His Family is his driving force in the day-to-day of the business. 


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